Modular Object-oriented Development for Microcontrollers

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  1. modm

    modm: a C++17 library generator for AVR and ARM Cortex-M devices

    C++ 102 19

  2. modm-devices

    Curated device data for all AVR and STM32 devices

    Python 13 5

  3. cmsis-header-stm32

    CMSIS device headers for all STM32 devices

    C 18 1

  4. lbuild

    lbuild: a generic, modular code generator in Python 3

    Python 2 3

  5. scons-build-tools

    Forked from DLR-RY/scons-build-tools

    Collection of SCons based build tools.

    Python 1 1

  6. avr-libstdcpp

    Subset of the C++ standard library for AVR targets

    C++ 3

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