Making the BeBoPr compatible with the BeagleBone Black
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2013-08-11 Revision 1 boards are now available. Smaller in size, larger pads for the wires, better readable legend. Still having gold finish for easy soldering. Transfer EUR 8.50 with address details via PayPal to receive a set in your mailbox (price includes shipping worldwide)

2013-08-11 The revision 1 board is currently being processed at OSH park if this is successful, a package for OSH park will be published here and/or the project (BBR_R1) will be shared at OSH park.

All about making the BeBoPr compatible with the BeagleBone Black.

The files in this repository provide the PCB design of the BeBoPr Bridge module. This Bridge re-routes some signals to make the BeBoPr compatible with the BeagleBone Black.

Legend to the file names used:

.stc = stop (mask) component side (Gerber RS274X)
.cmp = (copper) component side (Gerber RS274X)
.sol = (copper) solder side (Gerber RS274X)
.sts = stop (mask) solder side (Gerber RS274X)
.pthx = plated through holes (Excellon 2.4 drill file)
.nphx = non-plated holes (Excellon 2.4 drill file)