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BeBoPr++ BeagleBone Cape Documentation
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Fixed wrong signal names (R0 bridge routing was shown instead of R1).…

… Now the names correspond with the signals on J5 in the manual.
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BeBoPr-plus-plus / a.k.a. BeBoPr++

2014-04-12 created BeBoPr++ wiki.

This repository holds only BeBoPr++ specific information. The BeBoPr cape includes all I/O necessary to build a 3D-printer or create some other form of numerical control.

BeBoPr++ R2 board

The BeBoPr++ Cape photo .


A summary of the BeBoPr++ features can be found on the cape's product page on the Embedded Linux Wiki.

For more details download the User Manual in pdf format.

Online information can be found via this link on the original BeBoPr wiki

The software tree can be found via the designer's github home page.

Two wiki's exist, The older BeBoPr wiki and the new BeBoPr++ wiki. Reading order: Start with the BeBoPr++ pages as it is specific for the BeBoPr++ and does not contain all the partly outdated, sometimes confusing information of the older version.

For on-line help and discussions, there's a BeBoPr forum.

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