The BeBoPr Cape

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The BeBoPr Cape provides all the necessary I/O to control a Mendel/Reprap 3D-printer.

  • 3 analog inputs optimized for thermistors.
  • 6 digital inputs for limit switches.
  • 3 high-power PWM outputs for heater(s) and/or fan.
  • 4 axis steppermotor interface (5 axis via future expansion board) for either external drivers, or plug-in StepStick/Pololu modules.
  • Single 12 Volt supply operation. The integrated 5V/2A switching stepdown convertor powers the BeagleBone, Cape and external Opto sensors.
  • All I/O is protected to prevent damage to the BeagleBone by accidental short-circuits.
  • Steppermotor operation at up to 24Volt.
  • LEDs mounted next to the input and output connectors provide status information.

BeBoPr Cape - bare board

All 'hard' realtime control, e.g. step pulse generation, acceleration etc. runs on a dedicated coprocessor that is part of the AM3359 on the BeagleBone. The 'soft' realtime control, e.g. traject planning, temperature control etc., runs on the ARM processor under Linux.

  • The stepper control code accelerates and steps all axes simultaneously at up to 62.5 kHz steprate.
  • The step-pulse duration on the E-axis can be controlled for laser engraving/cutter applications.

BeBoPr Cape - stuffed board

A license for the coprocessor code comes with the board. A port/rewrite of the RepRap/Teacup 3D printer control software is expected to be ready before end Q2/2012. All Linux code will be Open Source, the coprocessor code will be provided as a binary module. This repository contains the Linux code.

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