The BeBoPr plus plus Cape

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BeBoPr++ R2 board


The BeBoPr++ is the third generation of BeBoPr boards. Like the BeBoPr+, it integrates the original/classic BeBoPr and the Bridge. Besides that, several features have been improved and some new have been added. The board layout is completely new making it cheaper to manufacture, resulting in a lower end user price.


For a complete list of features have a look here. For the changes when compared to the older BeBoPr boards have a look here.


The BeBoPr++ is available right now. The first boards have already been shipped. More public announcements will follow soon. For the time being, send inquiries to with as subject "bebopr++ sales" or watch the forum for announcements.


Some pictures and videos of the production process are shown here.


A new repository has been created for all BeBoPr++ related documentation. It also has the long due BeBoPr++ manual for download. Have a look here.

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