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# This HAL file hooks up a ShuttleXpress USB dongle from Contour Design.
# The ShuttleXpress has five momentary buttons, a cheesy jog-wheel with 10
# counts per revolution and detents, and a 15-position rotary knob with
# return-to-center springy action.
loadusr -W shuttlexpress
loadrt abs_s32 names=abs_s32.sxp
loadrt select8 names=select8.sxp-jog-speed,select8.sxp-jog-increment
loadrt mux2 names=mux2.sxp-x-analog,mux2.sxp-y-analog,mux2.sxp-z-analog,mux2.sxp-a-analog
loadrt updown names=updown.sxp
loadrt and2 names=and2.sxp-x-pos,and2.sxp-x-neg,and2.sxp-y-pos,and2.sxp-y-neg,and2.sxp-z-pos,and2.sxp-z-neg,and2.sxp-a-pos,and2.sxp-a-neg
loadrt tristate_float names=tristate-float.sxp0,tristate-float.sxp1,tristate-float.sxp2,tristate-float.sxp3,tristate-float.sxp4,tristate-float.sxp5,tristate-float.sxp6,tristate-float.sxp7,tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-0,tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-1,tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-2,tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-3
loadrt ilowpass names=ilowpass.sxp
# make nets from the shuttlexpress buttons and wheels
net sxp.x-button <= shuttlexpress.0.button-0
net sxp.y-button <= shuttlexpress.0.button-1
net sxp.z-button <= shuttlexpress.0.button-2
net sxp.a-button <= shuttlexpress.0.button-3
net sxp.step-button <= shuttlexpress.0.button-4
net sxp.counts <= shuttlexpress.0.counts
net sxp.spring-wheel <= shuttlexpress.0.spring-wheel-s32
# pushing an axis-button and turning the spring-wheel gives continuous
# jogging in the selected axis, with speed proportional to spring-wheel
# deflection
addf abs_s32.sxp servo-thread
addf select8.sxp-jog-speed servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp0 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp1 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp2 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp3 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp4 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp5 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp6 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp7 servo-thread
# get abs value & sign of spring-wheel
net sxp.spring-wheel =>
net sxp.spring-wheel-abs <= abs_s32.sxp.out
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-positive <=
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-negative <=
# use abs value to select abs jog speed
net sxp.spring-wheel-abs => select8.sxp-jog-speed.sel
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out0
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out1
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out2
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out3
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out4
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out5
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out6
net <= select8.sxp-jog-speed.out7
# each of the 8 speed selector bits turns on a tristate float
net => tristate-float.sxp0.enable
net => tristate-float.sxp1.enable
net => tristate-float.sxp2.enable
net => tristate-float.sxp3.enable
net => tristate-float.sxp4.enable
net => tristate-float.sxp5.enable
net => tristate-float.sxp6.enable
net => tristate-float.sxp7.enable
# each of the 8 tristate floats has a constant jog speed on it
# speeds are specified as "fraction of machine max speed"
setp 0.0
setp 0.5
setp 1.0
setp 5.0
setp 10.0
setp 20.0
setp 150.0
setp 240.0
# all of the 8 tristate floats are connected together, one of them drives
# the net
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp0.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp1.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp2.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp3.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp4.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp5.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp6.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed <= tristate-float.sxp7.out
net sxp.abs-jog-speed => halui.jog-speed
# while an axis button is depressed, jog the axis continuously in the
# direction indicated by the spring-wheel
addf and2.sxp-x-pos servo-thread
addf and2.sxp-x-neg servo-thread
addf and2.sxp-y-pos servo-thread
addf and2.sxp-y-neg servo-thread
addf and2.sxp-z-pos servo-thread
addf and2.sxp-z-neg servo-thread
addf and2.sxp-a-pos servo-thread
addf and2.sxp-a-neg servo-thread
net sxp.x-button => and2.sxp-x-pos.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-positive => and2.sxp-x-pos.in1
net sxp.jog-x-pos and2.sxp-x-pos.out =>
net sxp.x-button => and2.sxp-x-neg.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-negative => and2.sxp-x-neg.in1
net sxp.jog-x-neg and2.sxp-x-neg.out => halui.jog.0.minus
net sxp.y-button => and2.sxp-y-pos.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-positive => and2.sxp-y-pos.in1
net sxp.jog-y-pos and2.sxp-y-pos.out =>
net sxp.y-button => and2.sxp-y-neg.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-negative => and2.sxp-y-neg.in1
net sxp.jog-y-neg and2.sxp-y-neg.out => halui.jog.1.minus
net sxp.z-button => and2.sxp-z-pos.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-positive => and2.sxp-z-pos.in1
net sxp.jog-z-pos and2.sxp-z-pos.out =>
net sxp.z-button => and2.sxp-z-neg.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-negative => and2.sxp-z-neg.in1
net sxp.jog-z-neg and2.sxp-z-neg.out => halui.jog.2.minus
net sxp.a-button => and2.sxp-a-pos.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-positive => and2.sxp-a-pos.in1
net sxp.jog-a-pos and2.sxp-a-pos.out =>
net sxp.a-button => and2.sxp-a-neg.in0
net sxp.spring-wheel-is-negative => and2.sxp-a-neg.in1
net sxp.jog-a-neg and2.sxp-a-neg.out => halui.jog.3.minus
# the "step" button cycles among several jog increments for the jog-wheel
addf updown.sxp servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-0 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-1 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-2 servo-thread
addf tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-3 servo-thread
# for each click of the jog-wheel there's 1000 simulated counts coming out
# of the ilowpass below, so these numbers are 1000x smaller than the jog
# increment size they encode
setp 0.000001
setp 0.000005
setp 0.00001
setp 0.0001
setp updown.sxp.wrap 1
setp updown.sxp.min 0
setp updown.sxp.max 3
net sxp.step-button => updown.sxp.countup
net sxp.jog-increment-selected <= updown.sxp.count
# use the updown count to select jog increment
addf select8.sxp-jog-increment servo-thread
net sxp.jog-increment-selected => select8.sxp-jog-increment.sel
net <= select8.sxp-jog-increment.out0
net => tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-0.enable
net <= select8.sxp-jog-increment.out1
net => tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-1.enable
net <= select8.sxp-jog-increment.out2
net => tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-2.enable
net <= select8.sxp-jog-increment.out3
net => tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-3.enable
# all of the tristate floats are connected together, one of them drives
# the net
net sxp.jog-increment <= tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-0.out
net sxp.jog-increment <= tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-1.out
net sxp.jog-increment <= tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-2.out
net sxp.jog-increment <= tristate-float.sxp-jog-increment-3.out
net sxp.jog-increment => axis.0.jog-scale
net sxp.jog-increment => axis.1.jog-scale
net sxp.jog-increment => axis.2.jog-scale
net sxp.jog-increment => axis.3.jog-scale
# pushing an axis-button and turning the jog-wheel gives incremental
# jogging
# hook up the axis buttons to the axis jog-enable pins
net sxp.x-button axis.0.jog-enable
net sxp.y-button axis.1.jog-enable
net sxp.z-button axis.2.jog-enable
net sxp.a-button axis.3.jog-enable
# The ShuttleXpress jog wheel has 10 clicks per revolution
# Low-pass filter the jogwheel, and scale it so one click is 1000 counts
# coming out of the ilowpass.
# Then connect it to the jog input on all the axes.
addf ilowpass.sxp servo-thread
setp ilowpass.sxp.gain .02
setp ilowpass.sxp.scale 1000
net sxp.counts =>
net sxp.counts-smoothed <= ilowpass.sxp.out
net sxp.counts-smoothed => axis.0.jog-counts
net sxp.counts-smoothed => axis.1.jog-counts
net sxp.counts-smoothed => axis.2.jog-counts
net sxp.counts-smoothed => axis.3.jog-counts