oEmbed (using the noembed service) input type for ContentBlocks
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oEmbed Input Type for ContentBlocks

The oEmbed Input Type for ContentBlocks allows you to embed content from a few dozen oEmbed-enabled content providers, by simply pasting in the link to the content. The template for oEmbed types contain [[+html]], [[+title]], [[+url]] and [[+provider_name]] placeholders.

The supported providers are (as of 2014-04-26, see http://noembed.com/ for latest):

Amazon, iTunes Movie Trailers, Ars Technica, ASCII Art Farts, Bash.org, Beer Advocate, Duffel Blog, Facebook, GiantBomb, Gist, Github Commit, IMDB, Monoprice, Spotify, TED, The Onion, TrailerAddict, Twitlonger, Twitter, Urban Dictionary, Vimeo, Vine, Wikipedia, XKCD, YouTube, Flickr, Funny or Die, Hulu, Qik, Rdio, SlideShare, SoundCloud, Viddler, App.Net, CloudApp, Dropbox, Imgur, Imgur, Instagram, Lockerz, Path, Picplz, Skitch, Twitpic, Twitter, YFrog

The oEmbed Input Type makes use of the free and awesome noembed.com web service.