Plugins for Imperavi Redactor.js 10, part of Redactor for MODX 2.0.
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All plugins are fully compatible* with Imperavi's Redactor v10 and do not require Redactor by modmore©.

As part of our continous effort to bring more awesomeness to your Rich Text experience within MODX Revolution we've authored several Redactor Plugins. This is their home.

*Some plugins require a hack for multiple callback support, which we hope to see added to redactor.js in a future version.


Visually displays a breadcrumb navigation of the DOM node or nodes being edited.


If set and a valid clipsJson String, adds the Redactor Clips plugin to the toolbar.

Example JSON:

        "title": "Buy Button",
        "advanced": "1",
        "tags": "apple cheese",
        "clip": "<a href='' class='buy'>Buy this product now</a>."
        "title": "Copyright",
        "tags": "bacon cheese",
        "clip": "©2013 modmore."


Adds a keyboard shortcut for accessibility. F5 to invert eidtor screen contrast FTW.


Begins where the Imperavi Plugin leaves off and adds a nifty little estimated reading time counter. Cool huh?


Adds a toolbar button to download editor code.


Adds options to set and preview image dimensions in the Image Edit modal window.


Adds a tab to the Insert Image modal window that allows images to be inserted directly form a URL.


Attempts to prevent orphans by replacing the last space between words of block elements with a non-breaking space.

<!-- norphan will change this -->
<blockquote>&#8220;Any man who would letterspace blackletter would steal sheep&#8221;.</blockquote>

<!--to this -->
<blockquote>&#8220;Any man who would letterspace blackletter would steal&nbsp;sheep&#8221;.</blockquote>


Use CTRL+F to trigger a simple Find and Replace tool.


In supported browsers, adds a toolbar button which reads editor content aloud.


Adds Ace syntax highlighter to Redactor souce mode.


Adds a keyboard shortcut to enlarge and decrease font size in content area. Use CTRL + and CTRL -.