Menu Access

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#Menu - Access

By default, the PiOT Relay board will arrive with the numbering set to GPIO (gP) numbering and a start up delay of 30 seconds. This delay is there to prevent any incorrect GPIO states from unwanted activation of relays on boot of the RPi.

You can change these defaults using the menu, as outlined below.

Using The Menu (Menu Mode)

To access the menu, press and hold the two outer pin select button simultaneously

This will enter the menu, which will first display "Io".

The set up menu has three options:

To change the menu item that you with to configure (Io, St or dt) cycle through by pressing the right button.

Once the display shows the item you wish to configure, wait a few seconds. The menu will then display the currently configured option for that item.

To edit that option you can cycle through by pressing either of the middle two buttons.

Once you're happy with your selection, hold the right button until the screen returns to monitor mode.

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