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Menu - Io - Pin Numbering

There are a couple of ways to number the pins of the GPIO header on the RPi, and which you choose is usually a personal preference! The PiOT Relay Board enables the selection between both sets of numbering system:

  • GPIO numbering (gP), also known as BCM, refers to the channel numbers of the GPIO pins.
  • Pin numbering (Pn), refers to the physical layout of the RPi GPIO pins.

See here for more information, or checkout the Pin Diagram below for clarification.

To change how the numbers appear on the PiOT relay board you need to access the IO menu. To access the menu, follow the Menu - Access guide.

For example we can change this to GPIO (gP) mode as shown below:

In this mode you can assign the GPIO number to the relay directly, without having to work out which header pin it is.

Alternatively you can set this to pin numbering:

To assign the relay from the pin number of the header.

Once you've select your chosen number system, hold the right button until the screen reverts to monitor mode.

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