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The Programmable Christmas Tree Star repo from ModMyPi
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Programmable Christmas Tree Star


Bring some Raspberry Pi based festive cheer to your Christmas this year with the ModMyPi Christmas Star and bring your tree to life!

What's in this repository

This repository should be used by cloning the repo first using

git clone

Which will give you a copy locally.

Inside there is a script called which contains a GPIO Zero compatible code allowing you to simply create and use the Star with only a couple of lines of Python.

To switch on the Star you can use:

from star import Star

star = Star()


There are several example files to shouw you what can be done with the star:

Example files

  • - turns on all of the LEDs.
  • - blinks the inner and outer ring of LEDs alternately.
  • - turns on and off all the LEDs
  • - slowly walks around the LEDs increasing pace until they can't go any faster.
  • - a pulsing walking pattern around the LEDs.

These files can all be run using: sudo python3

Star Commander

You can follow the tutorial on our website and learn how to use the Star Commander script.

This script allows you to command how the start glows from the command line over SSH. There are 4 built in modes (plus an off switch) to control the star with ease without having to climb the tree and attach a monitor each time.

Let us know how you get on with the Star and we hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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