Django based CADET Web Interface
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CADET Web Interface

This is the new web interface project for CADET and designed to be extended by research groups and companies for their own specialized uses.

This interface is part of the CADET (Chromatography Analysis and Design Toolkit) project and is developed at IBG-1: Biotechnology of Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) under the supervision of Dr. Eric von Lieres. Joel Andersson, Sebastian Schnittert, Andreas Püttmann and Samuel Leweke have made major contributions to the CADET simulator. This web-interface has been created by William Heymann.

## Features
Create and run single experiements
Create and run multiple experiements based on a single experiement using Design of Experiments
Compare results
Download results
Download simulations for further analysis
Share simulations with others

## Dependencies

Python 2.7 (Python 3.x is currently being investigated)
Django 1.8+

## Requirements to use the Website

This website uses a number of more recent html features that are not available in older browsers

For best results use the current version of Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer 11 and Edge work with a few speed and graphing limitations. 

# The main CADET website is located at