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BitOTTer Air-Gap Shell Script - For Air Gapped Hosts
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Copyright (c) 2013, 2014 BITOTTER ( All rights reserved.

BitOTTer Air-Gap / Stand-Alone Tool for MPEx ( v0.0.2 alpha Copyright (c) 2013, 2014 0x721705A8B71EADAF is simply creates an encrypted MPEx command file and write it to the local directory where this script resides. The relaying of the encrypted MPEx command to the mpex server itself are up to the user as this is designed for an airgapped machine.

Additionally, this script will take an encrypted MPEx receipt file as a command line parameter and allow the user to decrypt the file from the local directory.

Successful encryption or decryption tasks are written out to a local file with a datestamp with the current UNIX time appended.

The format of the output files are as follows: Encrypted Command: mpex_order_YYYYMMDD_UNIXTIME.asc Decrypted Receipt: decrypted_mpex_receipt_YYYYMMDD_UNIXTIME.txt

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