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The PM3 distribution of Modula-3.

This distribution is based on a merge of the Polytechnique Montreal
Distribution of Modula-3 with the public release of CM3, plus enhancements for
persistence by Antony Hosking, Jiawan Chen and Adam Welc at Purdue University,
and packages (libraries, programs and documentation) from other sources.

The Polytechnique Montreal Distribution of Modula-3 is based on DEC SRC
Modula-3 release 3.6 with enhancements by Louis Dubeau, Jerome Collin and
Michel Dagenais, and several packages (libraries, programs, and documentation)
from other sources. The online documentation may be accessed before the build
by pointing your favourite WWW browser to intro/src/index.html.

This file is normally part of a source code + bootstrap distribution.
To compile the bootstrap program, and compile and install the Modula-3
source, the following steps are required.

- Ensure that you have the usual development tools (make, gcc, ar).

  NOTE: There appear to be bugs in some versions of gcc on some platforms
  (e.g., ALPHA_OSF).  The build is known to work with gcc 2.95.3 on at least
  ALPHA_OSF, SOLgnu and LINUXLIBC6.  If in doubt, try to use the C compiler
  from the gcc source code that comes with this distribution -- in

- Check, and modify if needed, the configuration for your platform. This
  determines where the Modula-3 programs, libraries and documentation will be
  installed and used, as well as default options for various needed tools.
  Typically you only need to change the INSTALL_ROOT variable if the default
  does not suit you.  The configuration file is located in pm3-PLATFORM.cfg
  (e.g., pm3-LINUXLIBC5.cfg).

- Copy the file pm3-PLATFORM.cfg to the file pm3.cfg in the directory that was
  defined as the location of the installed executables (i.e., the value of the
  variable BIN_INSTALL, usually INSTALL_ROOT/bin).  Set the environment
  variable M3CONFIG to refer to this installed configuration file:

- The file src/m3makefile is used in the following steps to build all the
  packages. By default, almost all the available packages are built.
  You may comment out some of these in src/m3makefile to save build time
  and disk space.

- Run "make", which will execute the commands in Makefile. It will build
  bootstrap versions of "pm3", the Modula-3 compiler, and then use it to
  rebuild and install all the libraries and programs in the distribution.

  NOTE: If you downloaded bootstraps for several platforms, the Makefile is
  the last one you downloaded. In that case, you can use the correct
  platform-specific Makefile as Makefile.PLATFORM (e.g. Makefile.LINUXELF) and
  use it with "make -f Makefile.PLATFORM".


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