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modulor logo    Missing template engine for Web Components

import { html, render } from '@modulor-js/html';

customElements.define('my-component', class extends HTMLElement {
  set props({ first, second }){
      <div>first: ${first}</div>
      <div>second: ${second}</div>
    `, this);

const first = 'foo';

  <my-component first="${first}" second="bar"></my-conponent>
`, document.getElementById('root'));

...and much more

import { html, render } from '@modulor-js/html';

const tpl = (date) => html`
  <span>Time: ${date.toLocaleTimeString()}</span>

setInterval(() => {
  render(tpl(new Date()), document.getElementById('root'));
}, 1000);

api and examples


  • Can be used in production and is already battle tested

  • Designed to be compatible with CustomElements

  • Small size (3.3kb minigzipped)

  • High performance

  • Native js syntax for templates (tagged template literals)


npm install --save @modulor-js/html

Browser support

IE >= 11 and all evergreens

Webpack loader

In real life templates can (and will) be way bigger and more complex so you might want to split them out of js code

For this case there is modulor-html-loader

Build / Test

npm run build: build the app

npm run test: test the app


npm run benchmark: runs node-based benchmarks

npm run benchmark:browser: runs benchmarks in browser

Issues / Bugs

Found a bug or issue? Please report it