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pragma solidity ^0.4.14;
import './SafeMath.sol';
//Interface declaration from:
contract ERC20Interface {
uint256 public totalSupply; //tokens that can vote, transfer, receive dividend
function balanceOf(address who) public constant returns (uint256);
function transfer(address to, uint256 value) public returns (bool);
event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 value);
function allowance(address owner, address spender) public constant returns (uint256);
function transferFrom(address from, address to, uint256 value) public returns (bool);
function approve(address spender, uint256 value) public returns (bool);
event Approval(address indexed owner, address indexed spender, uint256 value);
contract ModumToken is ERC20Interface {
using SafeMath for uint256;
address public owner;
mapping(address => mapping (address => uint256)) public allowed;
enum UpdateMode{Wei, Vote, Both} //update mode for the account
struct Account {
uint256 lastProposalStartTime; //For checking at which proposal valueModVote was last updated
uint256 lastAirdropWei; //For checking after which airDrop bonusWei was last updated
uint256 lastAirdropClaimTime; //for unclaimed airdrops, re-airdrop
uint256 bonusWei; //airDrop/Dividend payout available for withdrawal.
uint256 valueModVote; // votes available for voting on active Proposal
uint256 valueMod; // the owned tokens
mapping(address => Account) public accounts;
uint256 public totalDropPerUnlockedToken = 0; //totally airdropped eth per unlocked token
uint256 public rounding = 0; //airdrops not accounted yet to make system rounding error proof
//Token locked/unlocked - totalSupply/max
uint256 public lockedTokens = 9 * 1100 * 1000; //token that need to be unlocked by voting
uint256 public constant maxTokens = 30 * 1000 * 1000; //max distributable tokens
//minting phase running if false, true otherwise. Many operations can only be called when
//minting phase is over
bool public mintDone = false;
uint256 public constant redistributionTimeout = 548 days; //18 month
//as suggested in
string public constant name = "Modum Token";
string public constant symbol = "MOD";
uint8 public constant decimals = 0;
struct Proposal {
string addr; //Uri for more info
bytes32 hash; //Hash of the uri content for checking
uint256 valueMod; //token to unlock: proposal with 0 amount is invalid
uint256 startTime;
uint256 yay;
uint256 nay;
Proposal public currentProposal;
uint256 public constant votingDuration = 2 weeks;
uint256 public lastNegativeVoting = 0;
uint256 public constant blockingDuration = 90 days;
event Voted(address _addr, bool option, uint256 votes); //called when a vote is casted
event Payout(uint256 weiPerToken); //called when an someone payed ETHs to this contract, that can be distributed
function ModumToken() public {
owner = msg.sender;
* In case an owner account gets compromised, it should be possible to move control
* over to another account. This helps in cases like the Parity multisig exploit: As
* soon as an exploit becomes known, the affected parties might have a small time
* window before being attacked.
function transferOwnership(address _newOwner) public {
require(msg.sender == owner);
require(_newOwner != address(0));
owner = _newOwner;
//*************************** Voting *****************************************
* In addition to the the vode with address/URL and its hash, we also set the value
* of tokens to be transfered from the locked tokens to the modum account.
function votingProposal(string _addr, bytes32 _hash, uint256 _value) public {
require(msg.sender == owner); // proposal ony by onwer
require(!isProposalActive()); // no proposal is active, cannot vote in parallel
require(_value <= lockedTokens); //proposal cannot be larger than remaining locked tokens
require(_value > 0); //there needs to be locked tokens to make proposal, at least 1 locked token
require(_hash != bytes32(0)); //hash need to be set
require(bytes(_addr).length > 0); //the address need to be set and non-empty
require(mintDone); //minting phase needs to be over
//in case of negative vote, wait 90 days. If no lastNegativeVoting have
//occured, lastNegativeVoting is 0 and now is always larger than 14.1.1970
//(1.1.1970 plus blockingDuration).
require(now >= lastNegativeVoting.add(blockingDuration));
currentProposal = Proposal(_addr, _hash, _value, now, 0, 0);
function vote(bool _vote) public returns (uint256) {
require(isVoteOngoing()); // vote needs to be ongoing
Account storage account = updateAccount(msg.sender, UpdateMode.Vote);
uint256 votes = account.valueModVote; //available votes
require(votes > 0); //voter must have a vote left, either by not voting yet, or have modum tokens
if(_vote) {
currentProposal.yay = currentProposal.yay.add(votes);
else {
currentProposal.nay = currentProposal.nay.add(votes);
account.valueModVote = 0;
Voted(msg.sender, _vote, votes);
return votes;
function showVotes(address _addr) public constant returns (uint256) {
Account memory account = accounts[_addr];
if(account.lastProposalStartTime < currentProposal.startTime || // the user did set his token power yet
(account.lastProposalStartTime == 0 && currentProposal.startTime == 0)) {
return account.valueMod;
return account.valueModVote;
// The voting can be claimed by the owner of this contract
function claimVotingProposal() public {
require(msg.sender == owner); //only owner can claim proposal
require(isProposalActive()); // proposal active
require(isVotingPhaseOver()); // voting has already ended
if(currentProposal.yay > currentProposal.nay && currentProposal.valueMod > 0) {
//Vote was accepted
Account storage account = updateAccount(owner, UpdateMode.Both);
uint256 valueMod = currentProposal.valueMod;
account.valueMod = account.valueMod.add(valueMod); //add tokens to owner
totalSupply = totalSupply.add(valueMod);
lockedTokens = lockedTokens.sub(valueMod);
} else if(currentProposal.yay <= currentProposal.nay) {
//in case of a negative vote, set the time of this negative
//vote to the end of the negative voting period.
//This will prevent any new voting to be conducted.
lastNegativeVoting = currentProposal.startTime.add(votingDuration);
delete currentProposal; //proposal ended
function isProposalActive() public constant returns (bool) {
return currentProposal.hash != bytes32(0);
function isVoteOngoing() public constant returns (bool) {
return isProposalActive()
&& now >= currentProposal.startTime
&& now < currentProposal.startTime.add(votingDuration);
//its safe to use it for longer periods:
function isVotingPhaseOver() public constant returns (bool) {
//its safe to use it for longer periods:
return now >= currentProposal.startTime.add(votingDuration);
//*********************** Minting *****************************************
function mint(address[] _recipient, uint256[] _value) public {
require(msg.sender == owner); //only owner can claim proposal
require(!mintDone); //only during minting
//require(_recipient.length == _value.length); //input need to be of same size
//we know what we are doing... remove check to save gas
//we want to mint a couple of accounts
for (uint8 i=0; i<_recipient.length; i++) {
//require(lockedTokens.add(totalSupply).add(_value[i]) <= maxTokens);
//do the check in the mintDone
//121 gas can be saved by creating temporary variables
address tmpRecipient = _recipient[i];
uint tmpValue = _value[i];
//no need to update account, as we have not set minting to true. This means
//nobody can start a proposal (isVoteOngoing() is always false) and airdrop
//cannot be done either totalDropPerUnlockedToken is 0 thus, bonus is always
Account storage account = accounts[tmpRecipient];
account.valueMod = account.valueMod.add(tmpValue);
//if this remains 0, we cannot calculate the time period when the user claimed
//his airdrop, thus, set it to now
account.lastAirdropClaimTime = now;
totalSupply = totalSupply.add(tmpValue); //create the tokens and add to recipient
Transfer(msg.sender, tmpRecipient, tmpValue);
function setMintDone() public {
require(msg.sender == owner);
require(!mintDone); //only in minting phase
//here we check that we never exceed the 30mio max tokens. This includes
//the locked and the unlocked tokens.
require(lockedTokens.add(totalSupply) <= maxTokens);
mintDone = true; //end the minting
//updates an account for voting or airdrop or both. This is required to be able to fix the amount of tokens before
//a vote or airdrop happend.
function updateAccount(address _addr, UpdateMode mode) internal returns (Account storage){
Account storage account = accounts[_addr];
if(mode == UpdateMode.Vote || mode == UpdateMode.Both) {
if(isVoteOngoing() && account.lastProposalStartTime < currentProposal.startTime) {// the user did set his token power yet
account.valueModVote = account.valueMod;
account.lastProposalStartTime = currentProposal.startTime;
if(mode == UpdateMode.Wei || mode == UpdateMode.Both) {
uint256 bonus = totalDropPerUnlockedToken.sub(account.lastAirdropWei);
if(bonus != 0) {
account.bonusWei = account.bonusWei.add(bonus.mul(account.valueMod));
account.lastAirdropWei = totalDropPerUnlockedToken;
return account;
//*********************** Airdrop ************************************************
//default function to pay bonus, anybody that sends eth to this contract will distribute the wei
//to their token holders
//Dividend payment / Airdrop
function() public payable {
require(mintDone); //minting needs to be over
require(msg.sender == owner); //ETH payment need to be one-way only, from modum to tokenholders, confirmed by Lykke
//anybody can pay and add address that will be checked if they
//can be added to the bonus
function payBonus(address[] _addr) public payable {
require(msg.sender == owner); //ETH payment need to be one-way only, from modum to tokenholders, confirmed by Lykke
uint256 totalWei = 0;
for (uint8 i=0; i<_addr.length; i++) {
Account storage account = updateAccount(_addr[i], UpdateMode.Wei);
if(now >= account.lastAirdropClaimTime + redistributionTimeout) {
totalWei += account.bonusWei;
account.bonusWei = 0;
account.lastAirdropClaimTime = now;
} else {
function payout(uint256 valueWei) internal {
uint256 value = valueWei.add(rounding); //add old rounding
rounding = value % totalSupply; //ensure no rounding error
uint256 weiPerToken = value.sub(rounding).div(totalSupply);
totalDropPerUnlockedToken = totalDropPerUnlockedToken.add(weiPerToken); //account for locked tokens and add the drop
function showBonus(address _addr) public constant returns (uint256) {
uint256 bonus = totalDropPerUnlockedToken.sub(accounts[_addr].lastAirdropWei);
if(bonus != 0) {
return accounts[_addr].bonusWei.add(bonus.mul(accounts[_addr].valueMod));
return accounts[_addr].bonusWei;
function claimBonus() public returns (uint256) {
require(mintDone); //minting needs to be over
Account storage account = updateAccount(msg.sender, UpdateMode.Wei);
uint256 sendValue = account.bonusWei; //fetch the values
if(sendValue != 0) {
account.bonusWei = 0; //set to zero (before, against reentry)
account.lastAirdropClaimTime = now; //mark as collected now
msg.sender.transfer(sendValue); //send the bonus to the correct account
return sendValue;
return 0;
//****************************** ERC20 ************************************
// Get the account balance of another account with address _owner
function balanceOf(address _owner) public constant returns (uint256 balance) {
return accounts[_owner].valueMod;
// Send _value amount of tokens to address _to
function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success) {
require(_value > 0);
Account memory tmpFrom = accounts[msg.sender];
require(tmpFrom.valueMod >= _value);
Account storage from = updateAccount(msg.sender, UpdateMode.Both);
Account storage to = updateAccount(_to, UpdateMode.Both);
from.valueMod = from.valueMod.sub(_value);
to.valueMod = to.valueMod.add(_value);
Transfer(msg.sender, _to, _value);
return true;
// Send _value amount of tokens from address _from to address _to
function transferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success) {
require(_value > 0);
Account memory tmpFrom = accounts[_from];
require(tmpFrom.valueMod >= _value);
require(allowed[_from][msg.sender] >= _value);
Account storage from = updateAccount(_from, UpdateMode.Both);
Account storage to = updateAccount(_to, UpdateMode.Both);
from.valueMod = from.valueMod.sub(_value);
to.valueMod = to.valueMod.add(_value);
allowed[_from][msg.sender] = allowed[_from][msg.sender].sub(_value);
Transfer(_from, _to, _value);
return true;
// ********************** approve, allowance, increaseApproval, and decreaseApproval used from:
// changed from uint to uint256 as this is considered to be best practice.
* @dev Approve the passed address to spend the specified amount of tokens on behalf of msg.sender.
* @param _spender The address which will spend the funds.
* @param _value The amount of tokens to be spent.
function approve(address _spender, uint256 _value) public returns (bool) {
// To change the approve amount you first have to reduce the addresses`
// allowance to zero by calling `approve(_spender, 0)` if it is not
// already 0 to mitigate the race condition described here:
require((_value == 0) || (allowed[msg.sender][_spender] == 0));
allowed[msg.sender][_spender] = _value;
Approval(msg.sender, _spender, _value);
return true;
* @dev Function to check the amount of tokens that an owner allowed to a spender.
* @param _owner address The address which owns the funds.
* @param _spender address The address which will spend the funds.
* @return A uint256 specifying the amount of tokens still available for the spender.
function allowance(address _owner, address _spender) public constant returns (uint256 remaining) {
return allowed[_owner][_spender];
* approve should be called when allowed[_spender] == 0. To increment
* allowed value is better to use this function to avoid 2 calls (and wait until
* the first transaction is mined)
* From MonolithDAO Token.sol
function increaseApproval(address _spender, uint256 _addedValue) public returns (bool success) {
allowed[msg.sender][_spender] = allowed[msg.sender][_spender].add(_addedValue);
Approval(msg.sender, _spender, allowed[msg.sender][_spender]);
return true;
function decreaseApproval(address _spender, uint256 _subtractedValue) public returns (bool success) {
uint256 oldValue = allowed[msg.sender][_spender];
if(_subtractedValue > oldValue) {
allowed[msg.sender][_spender] = 0;
} else {
allowed[msg.sender][_spender] = oldValue.sub(_subtractedValue);
Approval(msg.sender, _spender, allowed[msg.sender][_spender]);
return true;