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Java Scala Jsonnet Dockerfile
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Build and Versioning notes

The version in the POM should always be a SNAPSHOT version. That is the version that will be published on every push to the main branch (currently master).

All other branches will be versioned by the current POM version (without -SNAPSHOT) followed by their name (with slashes replaced by hyphens) followed by -SNAPSHOT.

Builds triggered on individual commits will have the version ${POM VERSION}-commit-{HASH}-SNAPSHOT.

Tags that start with v will be published with whatever the exact tag is (without the v).

To make a release where the POM SNAPSHOT version is X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT - tag the commit being released with vX.Y.Z and push. - update the POM version to the next SNAPSHOT release by ticking one of the version numbers and make a PR into the main branch.

If a build fails, make a new push, which will trigger the new build with the necessary version information. If a tagged build fails, tick the patch version into a new tag and push that to trigger the new build.

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