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EVADE 2 by Modus Create

Evade 2

Evade 2 is an Arduboy game developed by Modus Create as a holiday gift to friends and family in December 2017.

The game took about 3 weeks to create, from start to finish.

Please see the Arduboy game we made last year, Evade.

This repository contains the source code to the game, which we're making freely available and open source, under the MIT license.

We believe we pushed the Arduboy hardware in ways that will benefit future programming efforts. Feel free to use the source code here to enhance your own projects. Or feel free to make your own improvements to Evade 2 for your own pleasure.

IDE Setup

In order to compile the game and upload it to the Arduboy, we've used the Arduino IDE. We don't use the IDE features except to compile and upload our sketch (the game) to the device.

A nice quick start guide can be found here:

The following instructions are a brief summary of the steps found at the link above.

Download and install the Arduino software

The IDE can be found here:

The IDE download will be a .zip file. Unzip it and run the file from within. For Mac, unzip the file and drag the App to your Applications folder.

Install the Arduboy2 library

Launch the IDE and under the Sketch menu there is an Include Library menu item; select Manage Libraries... from there.

Search for "Arduboy" in the search field and press install on the Arduboy2 entry.

Install support for Arduboy board

In the IDE, select File -> Preferences. In the Settings tab, enter the following URL into the "Additional BOards ManagerURLs" field:

Click "OK" to save.

Then Select Tools > Board: "some name" > Boards Manager...

In the search box at the top, enter "arduboy" (without the quotes) and click on the Install button for the "Arduboy by Arduboy Team" entry.

External Editor

Select File -> Preferences and click the "Use external editor" checkbox. You will then be able to use the editor of your choice to edit the project sources. You will only use the IDE to compile (the check button), or compile and upload (the right arrow button).

Restarting the IDE

It is mandatory to restart the IDE any time you pull into your git working set. The IDE keeps caches of various things like precompiled header files, and it gets confused by changes to the directory structure.

In general, if you have any doubt, it doesn't hurt to restart the IDE.

Connect your Arduboy via USB

On linux, you can see the device via ls /dev/tty* - it will be something like /dev/ttyACM0.

On Mac, the device will be something like /dev/cu.modemxxx.

Open the project in the IDE

Launch the IDE and select File > Open... and naviate to the directory containing the .ino file and select that file.

Select board type and port

From the IDE, select Tools > Board and choose "Arduboy"

Then select Tools > Port and select the /dev/ device you found via the ls command above.

Upload the sketch

Click on the right arrow button in the IDE toolbar. The sketch should compile and then upload to the device.

If you just want to compile, to check for warnings and errors, click the check button.

(TBD code overview, links, screenshots)

EVADE 2 gameplay


Designed by Jay Garcia

Music by Jay Garcia and Delio Brignoli

Art by Michael Tintiuc and Jay Garcia

Programming by Jay Garcia, Delio Birgnoli, Michael Tintiuc, and Mike Schwartz