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Our central repo for all test (cucumber, rspec, etc.) related helpers
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M–O Test Helpers

This is a gem that just puts together some standard test tools that we need for both CI and manual testing.


Add the gem to your Gemfile:

for external projects (not hosted on Stash):

group :test do
  gem 'mo_test_helpers',      :git => 'git://'

for internal projects (hosted on Stash):

group :test do
  gem 'mo_test_helpers',      :git => 'ssh://'

Require the helpers at the top of your env.rb:

require 'mo_test_helpers/cucumber'

and the rspec helpers on top of spec_helper

require 'mo_test_helpers/rspec'


For using cucumber there is a lot of different helpers. Let's start with the tags.


You can tag a cucumber scenario with the following:

  • @iphone - Will run the scenario in an iPhone "firefox"
  • @ipad - Will run the scenario in an iPad "firefox"
  • @android_phone - Will run the scenario in an Android Phone "firefox"
  • @android_tablet - Will run the scenario in an Android Tablet "firefox"
  • @landscape - Only works in combination with any of those above.
  • @stored_browser - Be able to open multiple browsers and store the old one, useful for scenario outlines with multiple devices

Environment Variables

In order to control how the cucumber tests are being run, you can supply different environment variables.

  • BROWSER - Which browser to run in
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