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MODX Advisory Board Recommendations

This repository contains accepted recommendations from the MODX Advisory Board.


This procedure shows on a high level how recommendations go from draft to being accepted on this GitHub repository. For specific processes, please read the Recommendations Process and the Voting Protocol.

  1. A member of the board drafts a Recommendation. Once ready for review, they submit a pull request to this repository with the contents and a draft label. The pull request will allow in-context review and discussion.
  2. Once the recommendation has been reviewed, typically after a MAB meeting, the (Vice-)Chair calls for a vote on the recommendation according to the Voting Protocol. These votes will be cast by the MAB members by commenting on the pull request with a 👍 or 👎
  3. When the vote ends (after 14 days or when all MAB members voted), the (Vice-)Chair ends the vote and either accepts the pull request, merging the recommendation into the repository, or closes the pull request.

Only MODX Board Members may cast a vote. The Chief Architect and Chief Maintainer of the MODX Leadership are also granted one vote each. Votes may not be edited after they have been cast.