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Latest commit 43c4615 Nov 15, 2016 @opengeek opengeek Merge branch '2.5.x' into 2.x
* 2.5.x:
  MODX Revolution 2.5.2-pl
  [SECURITY] Hide critical settings in MODx.config [#13170]
  Prevent local file inclusion/traversal/manipulation
  Prevent path traversal in $modx->runProcessor
  Prevent unauthenticated access to processors
  Force all scalar expressions to be a primary key
  Fix path traversal regex to allow modx.config.js.php to still work #13173 (comment)
  Update changelog and build properties for 2.5.1 release
  Update changelog
  Remove statement causing loop in unit tests
  Revert "Fix getObject to prevent raw SQL string from being used as PK criteria"
  Revert "Fix getObject to prevent raw SQL string from being used as PK criteria"
  Fix isValidClause check for certain injections
  Revert the breaking change related to xPDOQuery->sortby (067cb74), while keeping the fixes for sort direction and limit.
  Prevent path traversal in modConnectorResponse action param
  Add catch-all SQL Injection Detection to xPDOQuery->prepare
  SQL injections in ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses
  Possible fix for blind SQL injection

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MODX lets you power anything from multi-language, multi-domain corporate sites to personal blogs to mobile APIs. Delivering true creative freedom and removing all restrictions, it lets you control the markup and design without having to code. You can also tailor its modular and extensible core to accommodate virtually any custom requirement or amount of traffic. MODX is the free open source software that meets your needs today—and tomorrow.

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