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custom = true
debug = on
# PHP related properties (set your local paths here)
php.command = /opt/local/bin/php
# Git related properties (set you local path here)
git.command = git
# override the project name used to generate the distribution filename = modx
# Override to set the version and release strings
#modx.core.version = 2.3.0
#modx.core.release = dev
# these properties require a local Git clone in order to produce distributions
# Set this property to produce distribution packages from a Git archive
#build.distrib = true
# Set this property to skip phpdoc generation (also skips sdk distrib if build.distrib is set)
#build.nodocs = true
# Set this property to skip js/css compression and concatenation (WARNING: for use without build.distrib set ONLY!)
#build.nominify = true
# Override to pull source from a specific ref in the git repository
#build.src.tree = v2.3.0-pl
# Override to turn off the additional of timestamps to the distribution packages (used for nightlies)
#build.timestamp = false
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