Quick Create Weblink Modal Not Working #13266

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neoneddy commented Jan 26, 2017 edited


Quick Creating a weblink doesn't seem to be working currently.

Step to reproduce

Right + Click parent resource, quick create new weblink

Observed behavior

Looks like this


Expected behavior

It should work normally, no screenshot currently, but you guys know.


MODX 2.5.4, NGINX, Multicontext, Content Blocks . Testing in Chrome

mrhaw commented Jan 26, 2017

It works on my localhost xampp, but generates this error in Chrome:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined at Ext.Element.setStyle (ext-all.js:21) at MODx.window.QuickCreateResource.resizeWindow (modx.jsgrps-min.js:4) at h.Event.fire (ext-all.js:21) at doResizeEvent (ext-all.js:21) at b (ext-all.js:21)

Jako commented Jan 26, 2017

Have you done something else before quick create? Since it works fine here.

Mark-H commented Jan 26, 2017

I witnessed this in Chrome as well earlier today, but didn't keep track of the exact steps and am not able of reproducing when I try it now.

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