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Inject a Teleport Package

You can Inject a Teleport package from any valid stream source into a MODX site using the following command:

php teleport.phar --action=Inject --profile=profile/mysite.profile.json --source=workspace/

NOTE: If the source is not within the workspace/ directory a copy will be pulled to that location and then removed after the Inject completes unless --preserveWorkspace is passed.

How Inject Manipulates Snapshots

To prevent some data from corrupting a target MODX deployment when it is injected, the Inject action takes the following measures:

  • Before Injection
    • modSystemSetting vehicles with the following keys are removed from the manifest:
      • session_cookie_domain
      • session_cookie_path
      • new_file_permissions
      • new_folder_permissions
  • After Injection
    • modSystemSetting settings_version is set to the actual target version.
    • modSystemSetting session_cookie_domain is set to empty.
    • modSystemSetting session_cookie_path is set to MODX_BASE_PATH.

The Inject Action

Required Arguments

  • --profile=path - A valid stream path to a Teleport Profile. This defines the MODX instance the Inject is to be performed against.
  • --source=path - A valid stream path to a Teleport package to Inject into the MODX instance described by the specified Profile.

Optional Arguments

  • --preserveWorkspace - Indicates if the workspace/ copy of the package should be removed after being pushed to a target.
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