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Create a MODX Cloud compatible snapshot from a MODX site
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MODX Vapor

This is MODX Vapor, a PHP script for Extracting a complete snapshot of a MODX site, including it's file and database artifacts for use in importing the site into MODX Cloud.

Environment Requirements

  • PHP 5.2+
  • PHP Zip extension
  • All requirements for MODX 2.1+


  • Install the project as an immediate subdirectory of the MODX_BASE_PATH for the MODX site you want to extract as a vapor package. This subdirectory is referred to as the VAPOR_DIR for the remainder of this document.


MODX Vapor can be run from the CLI or from a web browser. It is recommended that it be run from CLI if possible however, to avoid potential issues with web server and/or PHP-related timeouts. This is especially true for larger MODX sites. In either case, the snapshot will be created in your MODX_CORE_PATH . 'packages/' directory with the snapshot name indicated in the output from the script.

Running via CLI

To create a MODX Cloud-compatible snapshot of your MODX site via CLI, change directory to your MODX_BASE_PATH and run VAPOR_DIR . 'vapor.php', e.g.

php vapor/vapor.php

NOTE: The vapor/ subdirectory is the VAPOR_DIR

Running via Browser

To create a MODX Cloud-compatible snapshot of your MODX site via your browser, navigate to MODX_SITE_URL . VAPOR_DIR . 'vapor.php' in your browser and wait for the process to complete, e.g.


Custom Options

There are a few options available for customizing the execution of Vapor. You can define these options by creating a VAPOR_DIR . 'config.php' file with the following contents:

return array(
    'excludeFiles' => array(),
    'excludeExtraTables' => array(),
    'excludeExtraTablePrefix' => array(),
  • excludeFiles — An array of file/directory names (do not include the trailing / on directory names) to exclude from the MODX_BASE_PATH. Normally Vapor would package up any non-core files located within your MODX_BASE_PATH. Define specific items you want to skip here.
  • excludeExtraTables — An array of non-core tables to exclude from your database. Normally Vapor will package any non-core tables in the database.
  • excludeExtraTablePrefix — An array of non-core tables to not prepend with your MODX table_prefix. Normally, Vapor will keep track of which non-core tables need to have a table_prefix prepended when Injected into the target MODX site, but if the source MODX site does not define a table_prefix, Vapor has to assume all of them will need the target's table_prefix. Define specific tables that should not get the target's table_prefix upon Injection here if your source database does not use a table_prefix. This is not necessary if the source does define a table_prefix.


Review the Vapor log

Each time you run vapor it will log information about it's execution into a file with the same timestamp as the zip file that gets created (i.e. the server time when vapor is run). This file will be in the format vapor-{timestamp}.log and located in your logs directory at {core_path}cache/logs/ (or {core_path}cache/{MODX_CONFIG_KEY}/logs if using a custom MODX_CONFIG_KEY value).


MODX Vapor is Copyright 2012-2013 by MODX, LLC.

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