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ATE is an online adventure game engine, based on an internal visual scripting langage.
The application contain an editor, a compilator and an web based client to run the games.

Previously develop with PHP with personal libraries, it now use NodeJS with socket IO

  1. Database definitions


  • accounts are the pass to all humans to used ATE.
  • administrator grant access to accounts to ban other accounts or projects.
  • animations are series of frames used to animate layers, entities and objects.
  • builder grant access to create new projects for accounts.
  • compiled is a virtual status of a game (the real status is publish for project) indiquate the project was compiled and can be executed by the virtual machine client.
  • entities are visuals elements that can interact with thes scenes and with other entities and * objects. One of them is the player.
  • frames are part of images used by layers, entities and object and compose the scenes.
  • game is the compiled and fully playable version of a project.
  • groups are used to grant access to accounts: player, builder, moderator, administrator, contributor.
  • layers is used to build the scenes and able to create a Z index.
  • matinees are special scripts used to produce scripted cut-scenes.
  • moderator grant access to test projects and allow it to gain the published status.
  • objects goes with the inventory and permit the player to transport objects over the scenes.
  • paths able entities to move around a scene to get to other entites and objects.
  • player (entity) is an entity than can be controled by the human player thru the interface.
  • player (group) grant access to the playeable published games to accounts.
  • published is a status of a project indiquate that it was finished and compiled into a fully playable game.
  • scenes are the places where entities, layers and objects can be moved and their animation can be played. It also produce the interface to let the players interact with it.
  • scripts are the core of the game engine. It able to program the interactions beetween the entites, play the animations, orchetre the discutions, etc.