An client for Kyoto Tycoon in PHP
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A PHP5.3+ API for Kyoto Tycoon

Personal implementation of the Kyoto Tycoon client in PHP.

Short example using the UI:

namespace app;
use qad\kyoto;

// Start a server with the command line: ktserver
require_once '';

// Get an UI object and clear the database
$kt = kyoto\UI()->clear;

// Setting records
$kt['日本'] = '東京';

// Getting records
echo $kt['日本'],PHP_EOL;
echo $kt->get('Coruscant'),PHP_EOL;
echo $kt->France,PHP_EOL;

// Browsing records
foreach( $kt->forward() as $k => $v )
	echo "country:$k city:$v",PHP_EOL;

Read the partial documentation to learn how to use it.

Look at the test.php script for more examples.