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snyk-bot and Xetera fix: .snyk, package.json & package-lock.json to reduce vulnerabilities (

The following vulnerabilities are fixed with an upgrade:

The following vulnerabilities are fixed with a Snyk patch:
Latest commit 4b5279d Aug 17, 2019

New Game!

Helping out

Not a programmer? No problem, We would still love to get your input!

Most discussion will be in the #tech-talk channel.


The website is made using gatsby which lets us to separate our dynamic data from our components, allowing us to optimize and add new content much more easily.

Netlify builds automatically from master so your changes are a single pull request away from going live!


  1. git clone
  2. npm install
  3. npm run dev
  4. Go to the address it gave you, and work away!

Adding new tweets

Tweets are declared under /content/tweets.

To add a new user, create a new .md file similar to the existing ones.

Twitter users are declared under /content/tweets/users

To add a new tweet, add a new .md file in the same file. The tweets are sorted by date in the formatYYYY-MM-DD.

To reference a user, give the name property in the markdown frontmatter the same name as the user inside the /users folder.

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