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Moegi 2

Ghost Version Build & Push & Deploy GitHub release (latest by date)

Moegi Theme



Stable Build

The version with major updates. Go to Releases to download stable version.

Nightly Build

Every commit in this branch will be built and tested automatically by Github Actions. Go to dist branch or directly download the newest zip.


  • Download the theme and Upload to the Ghost Admin. (under Design)
  • Add a custom integration under Integrations, then you can rec eive Content API Key and API URL.
  • Go to Code injection, put codes below into Site Header:
    const config = {
      api: {
        url: 'Your API URL',
        contentKey: 'Your Content API Key',
    The above is required content, if you need more custom configuration, please skip to Configuration.
  • Activate the theme.


The Moegi theme is configured by declaring a config object in Site Header, for example:

const config = {
  api: {
    url: 'Your API URL',
    contentKey: 'Your Content API Key',
  primaryColor: '#86B81B',
  feed: 'Pure',
  darkMode: 'auto',
Name Description
api required
primaryColor Optional. Custom theme color, default is '#86B81B' (* Only HEX format supported)
feed Optional. Customize the style of the home page article list with optional values of 'Pure', 'Note'. default is 'Pure'
darkMode Optional. Customize whether the dark mode follows the system or not, effective for all viewers. Optional values are 'light', 'dark', default value is 'auto'
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