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Questions can be asked on the Discord community chat or on the Reddit page.

Is there an API for it?

Sure. Head on over to the API Access page.

Where can I make feature requests?

In the #suggestions channel on Slack

How do I update?

Please have a look a the Install page.

What type of Cameras are supported?

Supported Cameras page is what you want.

Would it work for a raspberry pi streaming RTSP h264 video?

If you can open the stream in VLC Media Player then ffmpeg should be able to get it too. ffmpeg is what Shinobi uses for encoding.

Does it record continuously?

yes, does a cutoff at 15 minutes by default. You can change it in the monitor settings.

Does it use motion detection?

I am going to be implementing motion detection soon, just need to make it use less overhead.

Does it timestamp the videos?

It does but for some wacky reason the time is off sometimes. I am trying to figure out why it does that. I am welcoming any input on this.

Is the video montage showing the actual stream or a reduced version?

I set it to reduce the size to 640x480 because when I had 2048x1536 frames some of them didn’t even load because it would take so long for the browser to render them and before it could render it would get replaced.. essentially you are getting the stream but you just cant see anything.

Can I set the mode of my camera (Record, Watch, or Stop) from HTTP? (Trigger a Camera)

Sure. Head on over to the API Access page.

Imagine 15 1080p IP cameras, the montage can easily overload the NIC on the server…

Word. I actually have about 14 cameras myself. I had 10 of them running in the demo images you see in the readme on a nooby little macbook. Seemed to be okay to me, but I’m on the same network. When i open up the Task Manager on windows to see my NIC usage the spikes are pretty low… again probably because I’m on the same network. Well the program is in infancy and stress testing is going to need to happen. :)

Why can’t I see anything in my camera window? There are no logs.

This might mean ffmpeg was unable to start. Please ensure your machine is capable of installing ffmpeg. by running the following commands. Ubuntu’s package manager will inform whether or not there is a build available for your flavour of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu ARM is known to need manual compilation. FFMPEG Compilation Guide

apt-get install ffmpeg
apt-get install libav-tools

I can’t record to WebM or MP4

For WebM you need libvpx installed and for MP4 you require libx264 (and libx265 if you want it). Then compile FFMPEG. Otherwise with Ubuntu 16.04 Server you should get all the needed libraries with apt-get install libav-tools.

I can’t open some events, the time or URL is incorrect.

Please check your conf.json. The timezone may be incorrect. Option utcOffset should be set to one of the following:

  • the system’s timezone, Example : America/Vancouver would be -0800.
  • the timezone that your SQL database is using (normally the system timezone)
  • null (defaults to system timezone)
  • Remove the option from conf.json. This is the same as setting to null.

Where is conf.json ?

There is conf.sample.json rename it to conf.json.