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Spring Boot Starter for enabling a Prometheus actuator endpoint
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A Spring Boot Starter for Prometheus

This is Spring Boot Starter module for activating a Prometheus endpoint in Spring Boot applications.

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What you get

A new Spring Boot Actuator endpoint - designed for Prometheus:


If you curl that you will get something like:

# HELP heap_used heap_used
# TYPE heap_used gauge

Exactly how Prometheus likes it.

How you get it

It's as easy as any other Spring Boot Starter ;). Find your recipe below...


compile "com.moelholm:prometheus-spring-boot-starter:1.0.1"




You can configure 2 x properties - here shown with their default values:

endpoints.prometheus.path      = /prometheus

endpoints.prometheus.sensitive = false

Same configuration as you will find with the standard Spring Boot Actuator endpoints.


There are other starters as well:

Both actually existed at the time I started development of this starter. The first one is simple but lacks two things: being in the Maven Central and using Spring Boot Actuator endpoints. The second one is very much like this starter - but additionally comes with health indicator information as well. Personally I found the implementation a bit complex - contrary to Thomas' implementation. Hence this starter: a kind of mashup ;)

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