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Spring Framework :: Make Spring ignore your mocks

If you are using the core Spring Framework (that is, not Spring Boot), then you may have encountered a problem where Spring doesn’t seem to completely ignore mocked beans in your tests: Perhaps Spring attempts to inject beans into them or run your @PostConstruct lifecycle methods.

If you are using Spring Boot and have this behavior. Then there is a big chance that you are holding it wrong.

About the problem

You shouldn’t have this problem with Spring Boot. If you do, then you are not using @MockBean based mocks. See the next section for how you should be using mocks with Spring Boot.

When you mock a Spring bean in your non-Spring Boot tests, and if the mock is based on a class and not an interface, then Spring attempts to autowire any dependencies it may have. Spring also attempts to invoke any @PostConstruct initializers that it may have. But …​ you just want to mock that d**n bean, right?

See ProblemWithoutSpringBootGreeterServiceTests for a demo of the problem.

Solution: Spring Boot based code

With Spring Boot you just have to mock your beans using the MockBean annotation.

See SpringBootPoweredGreeterServiceTests for a very elegant solution.

Solution: Core Spring Framework based code

See SolutionWithoutSpringBootGreeterServiceTests for the solution to it: Simply wrap your mock inside a FactoryBean. This ensures that Spring doesn’t initialize it (performing injection and calling @PostConstruct methods).

Try it out


./gradlew test