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Spring Boot 1.5 :: Using Kotlin for the build n' code

This example shows how you can create a Spring Boot 1.5 project that is based on Kotlin 1.1 for the application code as well as the Gradle script.

Kotlin in the Code

Take a look at src/main/kotlin: You will find a super simple Spring MVC controller.

Take a look at src/test/kotlin: You will find a super simple Spring Boot integration test of the controller.

Kotlin in the Gradle build script

Kotlin as the language in Gradle is still work in progress. But it is definitely in a state where you can take it for a test spin.

Firstly, if you want up-to-date IDE support - then make sure you are using IntelliJ (update it).

Secondly, notice that this project has had a special Gradle wrapper generated. These are the steps:

  1. Source - see:

  2. Locate the latest and greatest distro (those ending with -all.zip)

  3. Generate a Kotlin aware Gradle wrapper

    gradle wrapper --gradle-distribution-url https://repo.gradle.org/gradle/dist-snapshots/gradle-script-kotlin-YOURVERSIONHERE-all.zip