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Add data from TREB to WordPress

If you don't want to bother with Composer or are just trying to download this to run on your site or a client's site, download it from the link below:

Use this plugin to integrate a RETS feed from TREB into your WordPress site.

Add your username/password in the settings after activating the plugin and then navigate to:

And wait as the initial import finishes.

This plugin requires PHP 5.4+

Once a day it will run a check to see if it needs to update to the latest version of the listing or add - SOLD to the title if it is no unavailable. It will also download the 25 latest properties each day.

To install it just upload the plugin into your plugins folder and add your login info to your settings. It will automatically be run in a day.

No support is offered with this plugin but if you have any questions please email me at, I'm also available for full real estate site solutions.

Usage: use the post types as you would any other post. The custom fields are visible if you check the custom fields box at the top.

Use shortcode [wptrebs_feed number="4"] to get a feed of properties, you can pass a number to retrieve or leave it out to get the default 4.

Version 0.4

  • Lots of documenting
  • New update system that will add 25 properties a day to your site
  • Nightly check to make sure your properties are valid, if they aren't will add - SOLD to the title listing

Version 0.3

  • Cleaned up importing from new version of PHRets, changed run trigger

Version 0.2

  • Added Composer to manage some dependencies
  • Moved to PHRets 2.2 from 1.X
  • Moved up minimum requirement to PHP 5.4

Version 0.1:

  • First release
  • Imports properties and images to WordPress
  • Adds images to featured and links others to post for gallery or slider plugins

To do:

  • Want to add a search widget as well
  • Adding a simpler way to link between post type
  • Google Maps integration (kind of did this but need to add it into a template)
  • Basic template/theme to use with plugin

Moe Loubani

Edit: I've decided to expand on this plugin in the near future, keep checking back here for updates and please submit any issues you're having if you use it so that I can make sure it's fixed on the next pass.


Add data from TREB to WordPress



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