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WordPress TREB 3pv Plugin

WordPress plugin for the TREB using their 3pv system instead of the RETS system.

This plugin is like my other one but is meant as a solution to those using the 3pv system instead of the RETS system which I hear requires less paperwork.

Install by updating the $username and $password variables in the wptrebsdata.php file on lines 33 and 34 and after that is done install the plugin and activate it.

This plugin will download the properties available to you once a day and remove unavailable properties from your site. The properties are stored in a property post type with all the property info stored in custom fields attached to the post type. The images that belong to the property are also attached to the post/property and can be used as a gallery with any gallery plugin.

Some styling will be required to create a post type template that will take advantage of the custom fields.

Any questions or comments? Email me at or visit my site at for more contact info. I'm available for any custom implementations or extensions of this plugin as this one is meant to use as the backend building block for a front end template created by a developer.

Enjoy the plugin!


WordPress plugin for the TREB using their 3pv system instead of the rets system.



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