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MoEngage Android SDK Integration Sample


To get up and running with MoEngage on Android, there a couple of steps we will walk you through.

Adding MoEngage Dependency:

Along with the segment dependency add the below dependency in your build.gradle file.

 implementation 'com.moengage:moe-android-sdk:$sdkVersion'

sdkVersion - is the latest version of the MoEngage SDK.

Once you have installed the SDK follow the below documentation to integrate the SDK

Note: This sample application uses Timber for logging purposes. MoEngage SDK is not dependent on this library. You need not add this library while integrating the SDK.

Sample App Usage

  • Add your APP-ID in the Application class
  • Replace the dummy google-services.json file with your actual file.
  • Add the agconnect-services.json to the project for using HMS Push Kit.
  • Add the App-id and App-Key from Mi Console to use Xiaomi Push.


Sample Description
master Integration Sample where MoEngage SDK handles push token registration and push display.
app_handling_push Integration Sample where client app handles the push token registration, push display and passes a callback to the SDK for notification received and clicked.