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# List the folders in ~/.themes on xmessage buttons
# for easy selection and edit the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file accordingly
# find out the current theme
current=`grep include ~/.gtkrc-2.0 | cut -d "/" -f5`
## set it up so there are the right num buttons and they have the right label
## "Aspares" is a folder I made to store things I don't want to show up
for f in `ls -I Aspares ~/.themes/`; do
[ "$a" = "1" ] && butlabel="$f:0" || \
this_theme=`xmessage -center -print -buttons $butlabel "The current theme is : $current "`
[ "$this_theme" != "" ] && sed -i "s/$current/$this_theme/" ~/.gtkrc-2.0
newtheme=`grep include ~/.gtkrc-2.0 | cut -d "/" -f5`
xmessage -timeout 2 -center "GTK Theme is now: $newtheme "
exit 0