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it's minimal and dynamic

I started this from catwm 31/12/10 ( ) See dminiwm.c for thanks and licensing. Screenshots and ramblings/updates at


dminiwm is a very minimal and lightweight dynamic tiling window manager.

I will try to stay under 1000 SLOC.

Currently under 960 lines with the config file included.


It allows the "normal" method of tiling window managers(with the new window as the master) or with the new window opened at the bottom or the top of the stack.

There's vertical tiling mode:

|        | W |
|        |___|
| Master |   |
|        |___|
|        |   |

Horizontal tiling mode:

|           |
|  Master   |
| W |   |   |

Grid tiling mode:

|      | W  |
|Master|    |
|      |    |

Stacking mode:

|   _______  |
|  |  ___  | |
|  | |___| | |
|  |_______| |

Fullscreen mode(which you'll know when you see it)

All accessible with keyboard shortcuts defined in the config.h file.

  • The window W at the top of the stack can be resized on a per desktop basis.
  • Changing a tiling mode or window size on one desktop doesn't affect the other desktops.

###Recent Changes


In horizontal or vertical tiling modes windows can be added to the master area with keyboard shortcuts


There are more options in the config file than the original catwm.

  • Fixed the window manager crashing on a bad window error.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcuts not working if numlock was on.
  • Added some functions.
  • Added an option to focus the window the mouse just moved to.
  • Fixed a window being destroyed on another desktop creating ghost windows.
  • Added ability to resize the window on the top of the stack
  • Added having applications open on specified desktop
  • Added a click to focus option
  • Added ability to change back to last opened desktop.
  • Transient windows are now always floating and always on top
  • Option in the config file to not show a panel when a window is open.
  • Last focused window is refocused and the mouse moved to it on desktop change
  • Added option in the config to have new window opened top or bottom of the stack when using atach aside
  • Added stacking mode
  • Changed grid mode so first column and second window are resizable


Need Xlib, then:

edit the config.h.def file to suit your needs
    and save it as config.h.

$ make
# make install
$ make clean


[ * No bugs for the moment ;) (I mean, no importants bugs ;)]



A minimal dynamic tiling window manager built from catwm






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