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A browser extension to help organise bookmarks more consciously
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A Google Chrome (and similar chromium browsers) extension that helps you organise bookmarks more consciously. Linkfish replaces the default Chrome "most visited sites" page when you open a new tab.

How to use

  • Click on the fish icon 🐟 to visit a random bookmark from your entire bookmark collection. Stay on the page for a while and remember when and why you bookmarked it in the first place. Maybe you want to check if it is stored in the right location. Maybe you don't care about it anymore and want to remove it. If you would like to visit it more often, think about adding it to the New Tab-page using a Link Set.

  • Store bookmarks in Link Sets for quick access. They can, for example, be groups of your frequently visited pages, or collections of pages you would like to visit more regularly. You will be reminded of their existence every time you open a new tab. Link Sets can be managed using the built-in Chrome bookmark manager.

How to install

Clone or download the repository somewhere on your computer (unpack the zip if you downloaded the archive file). Open the Google Chrome Extension Manager by visiting chrome://extensions/ or selecting "Window" -> "Extensions" in the menu bar. Enable "developer mode" in the top right corner. Click on "Load Unpacked" and navigate to the "Linkfish" folder location, then select the folder.

How to manage

Linkfish will create a homonymous folder in your bookmark tree, which will be used for storing Link Sets. Create a folder for each Link Set you want to display on the new tab-page. To add a bookmark to a Link Set, simply add it into to the corresponding folder.

If you create a folder inside a Link Set folder, it will be displayed as a separate Link Set on the Linkfish page.

Happy browsing!

Fish icon by Icons8

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