2018 FRC 7432 NOS
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Team 7432 NOS

2018 FRC Comp Bot Code

FRC Team 7432 NOS LabVIEW code for the 2018 Off Season


Command and Control LabVIEW


  • Motion Profiling Drive
  • SRX processed points timing for manipulators in auto
  • Capability of loading new paths on the fly and not changing code
  • Can change paths match by match to acomadate alliance

Drive Train

  • Field Centric Mecanum 4ft/sec
  • Robot Centric Mecanum 4ft/sec
  • Field Centric Mecanum 14ft/sec
  • Robot Centric Mecanum 14ft/sec
  • Robot Centric 6 Wheel Tank 4ft/sec
  • Robot Centric 6 Wheel Tank 14ft/sec
  • Turn to angle (NavX)
  • Strafe Correction (NavX)
  • Auto Balancing
  • Auto shifting 2 speed gearboxes
  • Drive to distance
  • Cube Centric
  • Switch Centric
  • Pursuit Mode (Tracking other robots to play defence)

Arm Actuator

  • Manual Movement
  • Positional Movement (PID on potentiometer)
  • Soft limits using potentiometer
  • Joystick scaling for smoth movement
  • Actuating arm for up to 10 in extention
  • Auto actuate arm extender to stay within 16 inches

Intake Wheels

  • Intake wheels mapped to arcade drive joystick
  • Shooting feature
  • Constant speed control

Claw Rotation

  • Manual rotation of claw
  • Preset position control (PID on potentiometer)
  • Auto rotate Claw to stay within 16 inches


  • Adjustable speed climber
  • Amp limits to prevent brownouts and tripping breakers

Arduino LED Lights

  • Led Lights indicating drive mode
  • Driven by DIO conveted from binary used in switch statement

Vision Tracking

  • TCP/IP connection to UP^2 Development board
  • API calls communicating to RoboRealm vision tracking software
  • Displays Eagle Eye view to dashboard (newer car overhead display)
  • Vision Tracking cubes
  • Vision Tracking switch
  • Vision Tracking opposing robots