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The swiss army knife for geospatial raster data.
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The swiss army knife for geospatial raster data.

Rasterix is a cross-platform utility built around the GDAL library and the Qt framework designed to process geospatial raster data. It can perform most of the tasks already implemented in various GDAL command line utilities, but using a friendly graphical user interface.

Its plugin based architecture makes it extensible and future proof.

At the moment, rasterix can perform the following tasks:

  • Display raster files with pan and zoom capabilities;
  • Convert files to different formats;
  • Resize rasters while preserving georeferenced metadata;
  • Reproject rasters (with warp) to different projections / coordinate systems;
  • Extract Contour maps from raster bands;
  • Override no data values;
  • Compute height maps with different methods;

More plugins / capabilities will be implemented in the future, so please stay tuned.



Vist the Releases section here for pre-built binary packages for Windows (.zip), Linux (.AppImage) and macOS (.dmg). These are all 64 bit binaries.

Compilation instructions


Rasterix has been compiled successfully with GCC 7+, MinGW-64 5, and MSVC 2017. Other compilers / versions may work but were not tested by us.


  • GDAL version 2.2.x or newer and its dependencies;
  • Qt version 5.9 or newer;

The project is based on the qmake system. A .pro file is provided so that the whole project can be compiled using Qt Creator.

Before attempting to compile, some configuration is required. In particular, please review the file gdal.pri to ensure the GDAL library path is correctly set for your compiler.

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