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SVG renderer for Prawn Ruby PDF library
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An SVG renderer for the Prawn PDF library.

This will take an SVG file as input and render it into your PDF. Find out more about the Prawn PDF library at:

prawn-svg is compatible with all versions of Prawn from 0.11.1 onwards, including the 1.x and 2.x series. The minimum Ruby version required is 2.0.0.

Using prawn-svg

Prawn::Document.generate("svg.pdf") do
  svg svg_data, :at => [x, y], :width => w

Supply :at if you want to render it at a specific location on the page. Use :position with a value of :left, :center, :right or a number to render it at the current cursor position, or use :vposition with a value of :top, :center, :bottom or a number to specify its Y position too.

Either :width, :height, or neither may be specified; if neither is present, the dimensions specified in the SVG will be used, or if the dimensions aren't specified, it'll fit to the space available on the page.

:cache_images, if set to true, will cache images per document based on their URL.

:fallback_font_name takes a font name which will override the default fallback font of Times-Roman. If this value is set to nil, prawn-svg will ignore a request for an unknown font and log a warning.

Supported features

prawn-svg supports most but not all of the full SVG 1.1 specification. It currently supports:

  • <line>, <polyline>, <polygon>, <circle> and <ellipse>

  • <rect>. Rounded rects are supported, but only one radius is applied to all corners.

  • <path> supports all commands defined in SVG 1.1, although the implementation of elliptical arc is a bit rough at the moment.

  • <text> and <tspan> with attributes text-anchor, font-size, font-family, font-weight, font-style, letter-spacing, dx, dy

  • <svg>, <g> and <symbol>

  • <use>

  • <style> plus id, class and style attributes (see CSS section below)

  • <image> with http:, https: and data:image/*;base64 schemes

  • <clipPath>

  • <linearGradient> but only with Prawn 2.0.4+. gradientTransform, spreadMethod and stop-opacity are unimplemented.

  • attributes/styles: fill, stroke, stroke-width, stroke-linecap, stroke-dasharray, opacity, fill-opacity, stroke-opacity, transform, clip-path, display

  • the viewBox attribute on the <svg> tag

  • the preserveAspectRatio attribute on the <svg> and <image> tags

  • transform methods: translate, rotate, scale, matrix

  • colors: HTML standard names, #xxx, #xxxxxx, rgb(1, 2, 3), rgb(1%, 2%, 3%)

  • measurements specified in pt, cm, dm, ft, in, m, mm, yd, pc, %

  • fonts: generic CSS fonts, built-in PDF fonts, and any TTF fonts in your fonts path


prawn-svg uses the css_parser gem to parse CSS <style> blocks. It only handles simple tag, class or id selectors; attribute and other advanced selectors are not supported.

Not supported

prawn-svg does not support external url() references, measurements in en or em, sub-viewports, radial gradients, patterns or markers.



By default, prawn-svg has a fonts path of ["/Library/Fonts", "/System/Library/Fonts", "#{ENV["HOME"]}/Library/Fonts", "/usr/share/fonts/truetype"] to catch Mac OS X and Debian Linux users. You can add to the font path:

  Prawn::SVG::Interface.font_path << "/my/font/directory"

Copyright Roger Nesbitt MIT licence.

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