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  1. MogileFS-Server MogileFS-Server Public

    Forked from hachi/MogileFS-Server

    Perl 407 99

  2. MogileFS-Utils MogileFS-Utils Public

    Forked from hachi/MogileFS-Utils

    Perl 69 34

  3. perl-MogileFS-Client perl-MogileFS-Client Public

    Forked from hachi/perl-MogileFS-Client

    Perl 47 22

  4. MogileFS-Network MogileFS-Network Public

    Forked from hachi/MogileFS-Network

    MogileFS Server class for representing networks based on host IPs

    Perl 26 16

  5. mogilefs-docs mogilefs-docs Public

    Forked from hrchu/mogilefs-docs

    MogileFS official documents

    10 10

  6. mogilefs-svn mogilefs-svn Public

    An import of the old SVN repo used for mogilefs



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