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#36 Compare This branch is 396 commits ahead of hachi:master.
Latest commit 6832b1b @dormando dormando Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.72.
Changelog diff is:

diff --git a/CHANGES b/CHANGES
index a6b2872..441b328 100644
@@ -1,3 +1,29 @@
+2014-12-15: Release version 2.72
+   * Work with DBD::SQLite's latest lock errors (dormando <>)
+   * remove update_host_property (Eric Wong <>)
+   * remove users of unreachable_fids table (Eric Wong <>)
+   * monitor: batch MySQL device table updates (Eric Wong <>)
+   * monitor: defer DB updates until all HTTP requests are done (Eric Wong <>)
+   * connection/poolable: defer expiry of timed out connections (Eric Wong <>)
+   * connection/poolable: disable watch_write before retrying write (Eric Wong <>)
+   * connection/poolable: do not write before event_write (Eric Wong <>)
+   * add conn_pool_size configuration option (Eric Wong <>)
+   * enable TCP keepalives for iostat watcher sockets (Eric Wong <>)
+   * host: add "readonly" state to override device "alive" state (Eric Wong <>)
+   * add LICENSE file to distro (dormando <>)
 2013-08-18: Release version 2.70

    * This release features a very large rewrite to the Monitor worker to run
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conf debian packaging updates.
debian debian/control: sysstat contains /usr/bin/iostat
doc doc/checksums: use $HASHTYPE for referring to hash names
examples/testapp Example application.
lib Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.72.
t add conn_pool_size configuration option
.gitignore modify some dotfiles.
.shipit add UploadCPAN back to .shipit
CHANGES Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.72.
LICENSE Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.72.
MANIFEST add LICENSE file to distro
MANIFEST.SKIP Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 2.40.
Makefile.PL drop Test::More to 0.88 - don't need subtests
MogileFS-Server.spec Destroy mogdeps
TESTING More test hints.
TODO New FSCK work and error for BCNT for bad devcount values (they would … start removing of all the mogstored-FOO parallel binaries for the Remove FIDSizes (unused) and Gearman deps to exclude brad's symlinks
mogautomount Fix various typos, spelling and grammar errors
mogdbsetup Allow regeneration of DB connections if we have given out too many
mogilefsd kill a little more dead fsck/Checker code
mogstored mogstored: fix kqueue usage with daemonization
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