An implementation for iOS (Primarly iPad) of the Facebook Web-based Comment Social-Plugin
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It's a basic implementation for iOS (Primarly iPad, adaptiong it for iPhone should be easy and on the road! ) of the Facebook Web-based Comment Social-Plugin.

For now only login with Facebook ID works, the other three are disabled;

Nothing has to be setted and doesn't rely on any other library just include the 3 files and include the header one:

#import "FacebookCommentsWidgetViewController.h"

Using it is damn simple, it is an indipendent ViewController+View so you just have to add his view to your layout:

FacebookCommentsWidgetViewController *fb = [[FacebookCommentsWidgetViewController alloc] 
[self.view addSubview:fb.view];

Just two things to note:

  • is the url for which you want to retrieve the comments, the page where you have the fbml widget, or if u plan to just use it only on iOS it must be an unique and existent url, it's the identifier to which facebook comments are connected.
  • the only option for now is to choose from two types of behaviour of the Widget View:
    • FacebookCommentsWidgetTypeFixed this mode the widget view remains the size of the frame you give when nit the controller and is scrollable
    • FacebookCommentsWidgetTypeAutosized in this mode (not fully functional) the view tries to resize its frame according to the content length of the comments.
      when the frame is resized a kFacebookCommentsWidgetResizedNotification is posted to allow layout rearranging.


  • fully test and fix FacebookCommentsWidgetTypeAutosized
  • add more customizable pieces like backgroundColor, fbml widget type,
  • fix login modal size on iPhone
  • manage the other types of login (Yahoo, AOL, MSN)