twibot is a lightweight Twitter bot written in Go, that can execute configured commands by Direct Message or Mention him with a tweet.
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What is it?

twibot is a light Twitter bot writtenin Go, that can execute configured commands by Direct message or Mention him with a tweet.
You just have to create a dedicated twitter account (see tutorial here) create a configuration file with authentication credential, the authorized twitter account, and the description of the commands your bot can execute.

Its main aim is have a secure channel to execute scripts on a remote server.

Getting Started

Make sure you've properly set up golang environment, then to install twibot:

$ go get

To run twibot you have to create a config file like this one:

  "consumer_key": "YOUR TWITTER CONSUMER KEY",
  "consumer_secret": "YOUR TWITTER CONSUMER SECRET",
  "token": "YOUR TWITTER TOKEN",
  "token_secret": "YOUR TWITTER TOKEN SECRET",
  "authorized_account": ["mogui247", "asder"]
  "on_dm": [
      "name": "Test Command",
      "match": "^test",
      "script": "ls",
      "reply": true,
      "case": true
      "name": "Test create file",
      "match": "new ([a-zA-Z]+)",
      "script": "touch {1}",
      "reply": true
  "on_mentions": [

Breakdown of config file

Config object

key type required description
consumer_key string x twitter api auth
consumer_secret string x twitter api auth
token string x twitter api auth
token_secret string x twitter api auth
screen_name string x screen_name of the twitter account used for the bot
authorized_account string list of twitter screen_name authorized to use the bot
on_dm array list of Commands scanned when a Direct Message is received
on_mentions array list of Commands scanned when a Mention is received

Command object

key type required description
name string x Name of the command
match string x a regular expression that will be run against the reiceved tweet. NOTE: you can use groups in the regex in order to pass theem as arguments to the script by using this noteation {1} just like the example in the json
script string x the executable script to be run when matched.
reply bool if the bot should reply with a DM after command exec [default: false]
case bool if regex id case sensitive [default: false]

The order of the Commands in the config file is important because they will be scanned sequentially and the first one to match will be fired

You can then run twibot as follows:

$ twibot --config conf.json --verbose

Bundled commands

twibot comes with some bundled special commands over the On Direct Message channel, all of them are case insensitive:

command description
ping will just reply PONG
help / ? will reply with a DM conatining all the available commands


  • tutorial for setting up the twitter account
  • implement Mentions
  • dockerization
  • add other bundled commands ??
  • common templates to run it at startup


Any form of contribution is welcome and appreciated, though I prefer the standard pull-request flow. Thanks


Copyright © 2016 Niko Usai. See LICENSE for details.