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Slides/Demos from the BSides Munich 2019 talk "Attacking Java RMI in 2019"
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Attacking Java RMI services after JEP 290

This repository contains all examples from my talk "Attacking Java RMI services in 2019" at BSides Munich 2019. I also included the slides, however a more detailed explanation of this topic can be found on our blog.


This is a simple RMI service that I used as an example. It is a Maven project with CommonsCollections 3.1 bundled. Additional instructions how to build/run this service cna be found in the directory.


This directory contains a minimal code example how to attack an RMI service that provides a method that accepts an arbitrary object as argument. The code needs to be imported into an project that also includes the ysoserial jar.


A YouDebug script that replaces the objects in a remote invocation call with an object from ysoserial.

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