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Welcome to OData2Poco

OData2Poco is a code generation tool for generating plain-old CLR objects (POCO) from OData feeds. POCO classes can be used in a typed RESTful client OData services and code generation can be controlled by setting many options.

OData2Poco is available in three flavers:

  • A Console tool: OData2Poco.CommandLine (a.k.a o2pgen).
  • A .Net Core Global tool dotnet-o2pgen support netcoreapp2.1.
  • A class library: support net45/net461/netstandard2.0.

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Continuous integration

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OData2Poco V3.3.1 is Released on Nov 25, 2019

What is new in V3.3.1

  • Fix Issue #28: Apply change-case on Navigation Properties.

What is new in V3.3.0

  • Filter model using the option --include
  • Change case of Classes to Camel/Pas using the option --entity-case
  • Generated ReadOnly Properties if the vocabulary of the metadata include:Computed or Permissions:Read.
  • Removing Vb conversion external service.

Try the new feature by the command

o2pgen -r -v --include air* --entity-case camel

The new version 3.3.1 can be downloaded from Nuget:

Features of OData2Poco

  • Generate POCO classes corresponding to the Entities defined in the XML MetaData stored in OData Feeds. *

  • Generation is based on the Metadata of the service stored on the server/ or EDMX xml files.

  • Support http(s) with/without authentication. The Supported autherizations are: basic, token and Oauth2.

  • Support .NET 4.5 or higher

  • Support netstandard2.0 /netcoreapp2.1

  • Support Windows or Linux /OS fx (net core)

  • Packaged as a nuget package in three different packages:

  • A Class library full framework/ netstandard2.0 for programming.

  • A console CommandLine tool (one executable file o2pgen.exe)

  • Global net core. dotnet-o2pgen.

  • o2pgen is published as a Chocolatey package.

  • Generating CSharp POCO classes and Other languages may be added in the near future based on the community needs.

  • Convert Data type of EDMX to the corresponding CLR data types.

  • Support Entites, complex data type, Collections and navigation properties.

  • Support OData service version V1..V4

  • Code generation is controlled by setting different options:

    • Add the following attributes: - Add Key Attributes. - Add Required Attributes to the properties. - Add JsonProperty Attribute to the properties. - Add Table Attribute to the class. - Add DataMember Attribute to the properties and DataContract Attribute to the class. - Add display attribute to the properties. - Add ProtoMember to the properties and ProtoContract to the class to suport Proto Buffer. - Add user defined attribute for the properties.

    • Adding virtual modifier to the properties.

    • Convert name of properties to camelCase or PasCase

    • Add nullable datatypes, e.g. int?.

    • Generate (or not) navigation properties.

    • Generated class follows inheritance hierarchy of OData feed (unless switched-off).

    • Generated class can inherit from a common BaseClass/interface.

    • Define namespace to overwrite the namespace of the model.

  • Add primary key/mandatory comments to the properties of the class.

  • Rename class/properties that have a name match a c# reserved keyword. .

  • Save metadata and generated code to a user defined file name.

  • Support colored console windows /linux /OS fx.

  • Support Microsoft.OData.Edm library version 7.5+ (OData v4).

  • Support Microsoft.Data.Edm library (OData v1-v3).

  • MIT License.

Features added in V3.2.0:

  • New: Support Windows NTLM authentication(Thanks to @lobster2012-user for help).
  • New: Support Microsoft Digest authentication.
  • New: Support Integrated Windows Authentication, enabling users to log in with their Windows credentials (Issue#19).
  • New: Add jsonProperty(originalName) to properties that are renamed because its name is the same as its enclosing type.
  • New: Show/hide model warning due to renaming properties/classes whose name is a reserved keyword.
  • New: Support abstract class.
  • New: support complex type inheritance
  • New: Add attribute [MaxLength] for max length of string/byte[] properties.
  • Fix: Convert EDM.TIME in Odata v3 to TimeSpan (Issue#18).
  • Fix: Support multi schema (Issue#20).
  • Fix: Support multi containers in OData v3.


OData2Poco.CommandLine (o2pgen) console application:

From Nuget Gallery:

   Install-Package OData2Poco.CommandLine 

From Chocolatey Gallery:

 choco install odata2poco-commandline

OData2Poco.dotnet.o2pgen (dotnet-o2pgen) NetCore Global tool:

From Nuget Gallery:

   dotnet tool install --global OData2Poco.dotnet.o2pgen  

OData2Poco Class library:

From Nuget Gallery

     Install-Package OData2Poco

Release Notes Review

Try it: dotnet Global Tool: Install from nuget gallary, run the command:

   dotnet o2pgen -r
   For help type: dotnet o2pgen --help

Consol net45 tool:

   o2pgen -r

Note: The same options are available for dotnet Global tool or Console tool


Read the:Wiki


Thank you JetBrains for Resharper open source license

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